• What is Geriatric Medicine?

Geriatric medicine is a unique approach to primary healthcare focused on the needs of older adults. How is geriatrics different from other healthcare?

  1. Our primary focus is to maximize our patient’s function.
  2. Second, we seek to balance quality of life issues with the risks of any possible tests or treatments. Many tests can be quite uncomfortable and pose their own risks.
  3. Third, we try to keep people in their home environments as much as possible. This means avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations, as hospitals can actually be a dangerous place for older individuals.

Our duty is to recognize the special needs of older adults. We must listen to all of our patient’s complaints, because even a subtle one can indicate a greater problem. This means that patient visits should not be rushed. The older population, more than any other group of patients, needs to know that we, their doctors, are there for them at all times. The geriatrician also has a responsibility to ensure that our staff appreciates and acts on the specialized needs of older individuals. Read More


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